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Subscriptions are reviewed annually and are due on or around 1st April. For 2018/19 the subscription covering 1st April to 31st March is £32. Junior membership is £5.00. All members are encouraged to renew promptly.

For new members there is an additional joining fee of £15. For new members joining between 1st October & 31st March the subscription is £15.00 covering the remainder of the year plus a joining fee of £15.00.

We also ask tax payers to contribute to Gift Aid as this is a very important part of our income. Anyone who wishes to complete a Gift Aid form can obtain this from the Studio or directly from Judy Taylor.


Lytham St Annes Art Society is a registered charity and consequently has to be governed by a Board of Trustees and by a set of Rules. The Board of Trustees, otherwise known as the Society’s Officers and Committee are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year by the members present. The Committee is headed by the President of the Society who is in office for one year, and who is replaced by the President Elect at the following AGM.

The Society has been in existence since 1912, and more about its history can be found on the “About Us” page. Of course the history of any organisation would not be complete without its list of Past Presidents.





The Society prides itself on being an active group of mixed ability artists. We have a very extensive diary of workshops, events and exhibitions. Our workshops cover a large array of activities for both beginners and experienced artists.

The society has capacity for upto 440 members. Once this number is reached the membership is closed and a waiting list is opened. We believe that this number allows workshops to function happily without being too crowded.

Over the years we have seen several new members join the society and their dedication and contributions have been much welcomed. Everyone is encouraged what ever their skills to exhibit their art/crafts in our studio and other exhibitions which are open to the public.

Requests for membership should be addressed to our Membership Secretary Judy Taylor, or by applying in writing to Lytham St Annes Art Society, The Studio, Haven Road, Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 5EG. New applicants will be advised if there is a waiting list on receiving applications. Thank you to those who continue to support the society by promptly renewing their subscriptions.

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held at The Studio, Haven Road, Lytham St Annes 5th May 2017.

The President, David Fisher opened the meeting.  There were 57 members present. He gave thanks to the officers and committee for their support throughout the year.  In addition he thanked all the members who supported the committee in many ways in organising various exhibitions in the studio and further a field.  He gave thanks to everyone who helped and attended studio activities, impressing that every little helps.


The President then proceeded with the Agenda saying apologies for absence had been received from:

Alan and Wilma Bealey, Carole Ainley, Pauline Butler, Sue McCauley, Sonia Haslett, Doreen Walsh, Jack Owen, Diana Greenhough,  Diana Thompson and Sandra Ball.


The minutes of the A.G.M. 2016 had been distributed for all to read and were accepted by those present at the meeting.  Proposed by Harvey Foster and seconded by Cath Swarbrick.

There were no matters arising.

The Secretary’s Report was then presented by Ann Greenhalgh.

Ann said the Membership Secretary said at the end of March membership stood at 340. Whilst we have received some resignations, new members are joining all the time and money is still coming in from existing members.  She said  as of today it stands at approximately 250, this means with 60 in attendance tonight, we have sufficient paid up members present to have the required representation of membership at our annual general meeting.

The Secretary reminded those present of the aims of the Charity.  To advance the education of the public by fostering an interest in the arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, design, architecture, the crafts, music and live theatre and to bring together those who are interested in these arts and crafts.

She asked, “ How we have fulfilled them?”

The Secretary continued...Thanks to the number of dedicated volunteers who run them so diligently 11 daily workshops have been offered, three throughout the year, when members have been given the opportunity to use a variety of media.  Ann added that despite several changes this year; they have again proved to be popular.

Some, she said, by liaising with Lancashire Adult Learning, have provided professional tutors. Others have provided special workshops, inviting professional artists to demonstrate techniques.  Some workshops are larger than others but still an average of 170 people attend the workshops each week.


The Secretary said as usual there have been the monthly Studio Exhibitions which are always  a fine example of the variety and high standards of achievement at workshops.  These exhibitions can, of course, be seen at the twice monthly Coffee Mornings which are open to the general public, who can learn about what’s on at the Studio and surrounding area in the field of art and meet like-minded people. Workshop members continue to use our well stocked Library.


She said that there have, as usual, been three main exhibitions:

Spring 2016 in the Fylde Gallery with this year’s currently running.

She said during the Summer Exhibition in the Studio, local children contributed to the fine display of work.  Cups were, as usual, presented by The Mayor of the Fylde.  As last year in support of the Lytham St Annes Rotary, we judged their children’s’ art competition and donated prizes from our Community Art Fund.  The winners were presented their prizes at the opening of our summer exhibition and the winners work displayed alongside that of members. The exhibition created a great deal of interest with several prospective new members attending.

In the autumn we held another successful exhibition at the Lytham Heritage Centre.

During August, there was a well attended Studio Exhibition.

Also as usual we had two outdoor Exhibitions, one in St Annes , and one in Lytham, when members exhibited their work and chatted to the general public about our Charity.  

Over all a total of nearly 3000 visitors were able to view an eclectic mix of art work produced by members; plus, of course, an unknown number viewing two Open Air Exhibitions and the Hospital Exhibition. Some of our members exhibited at other exhibitions both locally and further a field.

All year we have had work displayed in the Clifton Hospital

This year thirteen Saturday afternoon lectures took place and again they proved to be very successful, with renowned artists giving demonstrations to members and members of the public in a variety of media.  

In August, we welcomed The Artist and Leisure painter magazine team. They used our Studio for a whole day demonstration by a well known local artist and delegates came from as far away as Nottingham and Shropshire.


In December we held the Craft fair, which gave the general public the opportunity to see and purchase splendid crafts.  

The Secretary said that our website continues to score hits, more than 16,000 since it started, with about 120 people per week visiting the site.  It is regularly updated with all our events.   We have a page on Facebook, which she is told many members use.

Through our email circulation, attention is drawn to what’s on in the area and at the Studio.

Super Publicity ads are produced and can be found dotted around the Fylde and our plan is to have a new notice board at the front of the building.   Again we have produced a stunning glossy brochure drawing attention to all we do.

In December, we had seasonal celebrations for members and guests, the Christmas Lunch with a live pianist. The sherry and mince pie coffee morning and several workshop parties as ever proved popular.  In January, there was a successful trip to the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.  

In March members and guests enjoyed a hot pot supper and art based quiz.


Ann said that our Handbook, which is in the Library for reference, has been updated to keep up to date with the responsibilities and duties of our trustees (the committee), always following the advice of the Charities Commission on what is best practice.

The Secretary confirmed that our members had been issued with three informative Newsletters giving all the information about life at the Studio.

The Secretary then concluded by saying that the Treasurer has diligently kept the accounts in order and as a result our charity is in a good financial position.

She said, “As for the future we continue to strive to fulfil our objectives”.

The Secretary then asked if there were any matters arising from her report.  As there were none, she handed over to The Treasurer, Pat Shuttleworth for her report.

The Treasurer said the Accounts have once again been audited by Howard Gebhard Chartered Accountants.  She said Howard does not charge a fee, but we give him a gift and he has agreed to audit the accounts again next year on the same basis.

Pat said that this year we have a year end surplus of £4321.  A large percentage of this has been transferred to the Building Maintenance Fund, bringing the balance to £28,365 which is 4.5% of the cost of rebuilding the studio.  She said as we are coming up to the 10th anniversary, the committee are in the process of having the Studio re-valued for rebuild purposes.

The Treasurer then highlighted specific items from the income and expenditure where there appeared to be a significant increase or decrease from last year. For example, whilst there appears to be a significant reduction in expenditure on printing and stationery, this is essentially due to the printing company sending invoices early in 2016 and late this year.  Repairs and renewals expenses have increased due to problems with faulty lighting and blocked drains. She added that we have also had to purchase a new refrigerator.  She also pointed out that there has been a fall in income from studio activity groups.  However, spending on utilities has fallen due to the negotiating a better contract.  

Pat then referred to the balance sheet stating that it was pretty much self explanatory.  She pointed out that we have £20000 on deposit at 1.1% interest rate maturing in December 2017.  General Fund assets total £4553 and the Community Art Fund remains at £250.

She concluded by confirming that the charity is in a good stable financial position.

The Treasurer then asked if there were any questions or matters arising from her report.  There were none.  The Treasurer’s report was then accepted, proposed by Arnold Schofield and seconded by Jane Rigby.

The President then reiterated his thanks to all volunteers who have made his job easy this year.  He said he knows this can be very rewarding and is much appreciated. He added, however, that it is often extremely difficult to find new volunteers, not just as trustees (committee members) but those all important jobs which keep the wheels turning.  

The President then handed over the sash to President Elect Peter Dixon, wishing Peter success in his role.  The new President said that he was honoured to be elected President of LSAAS.  He thanked the retiring President David Fisher for all the work he had done over the past year and all the previous years when he was Treasurer.  He also thanked Derek Leyland on his retirement from the committee.  Peter also thanked workshop leaders and other volunteers.

The President then proceeded with the election of the committee 2017/18 as follows:-

Post     Nominee  Proposed/Seconded

President Elect  Ann Greenhalgh               David Fisher/Peter Dixon  

Immediate Past President  David Fisher                      


Hon Treasurer  Pat Shuttleworth Incumbent

Hon Secretary  Ann Greenhalgh Incumbant

Hon Studio Manager, Framing  Graham Smith  Incumbent

Hon Membership Secretary  Judy Taylor  Incumbent

Hon Studio Activities/Archivist  Peter Dixon  Incumbent



Studio Bookings    Pat Shuttleworth             David Fisher/Ann Greenhalgh

Assistant Secretary  Trevor Loftus  Incumbent

Assistant Treasurer  Jane Rigby  Incumbent

Studio Social Secretary  Sue Worden                     David Fisher/Ann Greenahlgh

Assistant Studio Social Secretary Cath Swarbrick                Sue Worden/Ann Greenahlgh

Autumn Exhibition  Doreen Walsh  Incumbent

Insurance Co-ordinator  

Open Air Exhibitions  Robin Theobald  Incumbent

Press Officer and Craft Fair  Barbara Waite  Incumbent

Newsletter editor   Cath Swarbrick  Incumbent

Committee member   Janet Lees  Peter Dixon/Ann Greenahalgh

Other non-committee roles were then read by the President.

Charity Commission Co-ordinator, Harvey Foster  Incumbent

Website Administrator,  Harvey Foster  Incumbent

Lecture Secretary   Joyce Wiseman  Incumbent

Librarian  Sandra Hallergard Incumbent

Social Media  Amanda Joynt/Susan Frye   Incumbent


By a show of hands all were accepted.

The President then said that with the appointment of Sue Worden and Cath Swarbrick to coordinate social activities we are looking to improve the social side of the society, with trips and special events planned.  He said we are always looking for ‘new blood’ to join the committee with new ideas, not just for one specific job but to help overall in the running of the charity.

The President then asked if there was any other business.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at approximately 8.15 p.m.